TurF is a studio, shop, kitchen + coffee bar. We bring together the essentials to live a life that's enormous. Joy is infectious. TurF is a daily practice.

Our Story

Deanne and Delaney

Deanne and Delaney Schweitzer are sisters and co-founders of TurF. They came to see that when you follow passions fully led by purpose, your life just works—fully created, full of balance and joy.

So TurF was born on the foundation of all the things they love: healthy food, thoughtful apparel, a conscious sweat, the best coffee and building community.

Like ants, we are all members of a community working together to create something bigger.

The founders were raised with the importance of community throughout their lives. They were born in BC, Canada and are descendants of the First Nations People. They believe in family, love, giving and taking care of our communities.

TurF was created to be a space for all of us to grow and contribute. We take care of the future and the people in it.

Our Food Philosophy

Food keeps us alive but good food makes us feel alive. In our kitchen, "good" means whole, humane and non-processed with no refined sugar. It means we always source from local farms first, and choose organic only when it makes sense.

We believe in eating mostly plants and choosing cared-for, happy animal proteins. We care a lot about our environment, our communities, and the impact our choices have on them.

Take out or stay in. Make sure it's good.

Our Friends

We collaborate with people who share our values of Integrity, Realness, Beauty, Possibility and Community. These are some of the ethical makers, organizations and brands that inspire us to get up to big things.